Make your moving in day a warm affair!

10 Signature Birthday ideas for your dad at Kaalia Events!
December 9, 2023
10 Signature Birthday ideas for your dad at Kaalia Events!
December 9, 2023
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Make your moving in day a warm affair!

With a new home come new dreams, aspirations and new beginnings indeed. Make your day of moving in a special one by hosting a house warming party to your loved ones. In traditional ways this moving in day is termed to be called as the Grihapravesha. How’s, when’s of pre-house warming day can take up all your time, eat up all your energy from busy schedules.

Reduce the burden on your shoulders by handing over the housewarming day arrangements to an expert event planner.

Here are a few places an event planner can plan and action out based on your needs and requirements:

Pre Housewarming:

Fix budget:

An event planner completely understands your budget hues followed by an already huge investment being your new apartment or a office space.

Keeping in mind your list of needs ,requirements and the budget ,

an event planner will fail to disappoint you with an effective plan

Guest list and RSVP:

In today’s busy work schedules, rushing traffic hours, it might be impossible for one to personally invite every guest for their housewarming party.

By having an event planner in place he/she will make sure to deliver the invites to every listed out guest in an organized manner.

Cleaning and maintenance:

After all the carpenter slogs to electrical drills to your new home or office, it is sure to have dirtied the place and might need to be kept spick and span for the housewarming day. An event planner will have this sorted for you.


Adorning of the house:

Beginning from housewarming garlands to dining area floral decoration an event planner will give you more options and choices.

Warm reception :

An event planner will fill in your place to make your guests feel hospitable in case you seem to be occupied with another guest.

Guided tour around the house:

An event planners team will take care of heading a guided tour of your new abode of hope and love with as much love as you would show.

Food and hospitality:

Serving a scrumptious meal will win a million hearts and an expert event planner should be able to give you the right choices of caterers.

Give away gifts:

As a token of appreciation for all your guests presence send them back not just with a happy heart but also a memorable souvenir. Again your event planner will suggest gifts suiting your budget, yet with a class to it.

Post Housewarming:

Move and pack:

Yet another strenuous task is the move and pack stage. With years of experience in the field an event planner will have solid contacts of safe and hands-on packers and movers list of contacts.

Just like how they made your moving in day a warm affair, they will also take care of the move and pack stage at an ease.

Home décor consultation:

Placement of your furniture and décor items play a very important role in showcasing the way your home turns out to look. An event planner can suggest the best home décor consultants to do the needful for your new home or office.