“Well, look what you ran into”, crowed Coincidence.

“Please, flirted fate, This was meant to be.”

In a nutshell, that’s pretty much our story. Kaalia Events and Wedding Planners is the story of how ‘Things fell in place’ for two people pursuing a similar dream. And so an age old Chinese proverb resonates, “An invisible thread connects those who are meant to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance” . And we think in our case love and perseverance towards passion was through : Events and Planning. A dear friend who believed we could create magic together acknowledged and united a passion.
. Angels do exist!

Glitz and Glamour, Lights and camera: An aura that has traveled through about a decade and more; an aura with which Kaalia Event Management company in Bangalore has successfully managed a number of Modeling and Casting events. Though now on a great demand it is all set to extend its array of services into a variety of events. Also what comes in handy for us is the years of experience in planning and managing events amongst friends and family. We really appreciate people who stimulate our creativity and make us think on a deeper level.

Our heartfelt gratitude to our dear friends and family who have forever drawn to us for various events; be it a traditional house warming or those ever happy birthday parties. It’s those happy souls who have inspired us to start our own venture today. It is indeed a wonderful feeling when passion and career come together.



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