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Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice, and augments regular speech by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and a variety of vocal techniques. A person who sings is called a singer or vocalist Singers perform music that can be sung with or without accompaniment by musical instruments.We kaalia events provide you the best Singers based on your requirements. The types of song we will provide you.
Types of songs:

Classical : A Classical music Singing concert, As the name suggests, classical songs are those in which traditional music plays a main role. These songs have had a substantial impact on the music we hear today. Every country has a culture, which is clearly apparent in its classical and folk songs.

Pop :Pop songs are those which have contemporary lyrics and an upbeat rhythm, basically meant for the youth culture.The composition of pop songs concentrates more on music technology and recording than on live performances. Rhythm and effects are two important elements in pop songs.

Rock : Rock songs are the most popular among teenagers and youngsters. They consist of clear pieces of lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboards as some of the main instruments. When the instruments are played in sync, they sound energetic along with the vocals.

Hip-Hop :Rappers at a hip hop music concert In hip-hop or rap songs, the singer recites lyrics in an off-beat manner but with the continuity of the rhythm. These songs primarily include solid rhythmic beats and synth, with a focus on the way the lyrics are sung.

Love : Love songs are slow songs whose lyrics concentrate on the feelings of love and relationships. These songs are largely played in marriages. There are sad love songs whose lyrics relate to breakups, too. They are mostly composed by pop and rock artists.


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