The following  modules are required to earn a Certification in Event Management and Wedding planner are:

 Event management modules they are:

  • Introduction to Event Management
  • Fundamentals of Event Management
  • Corporate Event Management
  • Advance Event Management

WEDDING PLANNER Topics covered in the Complete Course in Wedding and Event Planning.

Event Management and Wedding planner:

Module One:

  • The roles as well as responsibilities of a wedding and event planner.
  • Skills required to be a successful wedding planners.
  • Creating a supplier reference file.
  • Compiling a guest list as well as keeping track of responses.
  • The origin of common wedding customs.
  • Wedding traditions from around the world.
  • The wedding ceremony in different religious traditions.
  • In addition to we provide special types of wedding ceremonies.
  • Evaluating your strength as well as weakness.

Module Two:

  • Creating a wedding budget.
  • Ways that couples as well as their families may divide the costs of a wedding.
  • Items to include in vendor contracts.
  • Different types and styles of wedding gowns.
  • Wedding attire for the groom, wedding party, as well as parents of the bride and groom.
  • Planning as well as organizing a wedding reception.
  • Wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, as well as other wedding-related parties.
  • Choosing and contracting with a caterer.
  • Ordering and serving a wedding cake.

Module Three:

  • Choosing and contracting with musicians and DJs.
  • Choosing as well as contracting with a qualified florist.
  • Factors to consider when making floral decisions for a wedding.
  • Choosing as well as contracting with photographers and videographers.
  • Budgeting for the honeymoon.
  • Contracting for special transportation service.

Module Four:

  • Working with clients who have difficult family situations.
  • Helping clients cope with wedding stress.
  • Planning a wedding that will perfectly consequently fit the personal style of your client.
  • Further more legal requirements for your own business.
  • Keeping well-organized financial records.
  • Developing a business plan.
  • Using creative marketing strategies to promote your business.

Module Five:

  • Applying wedding etiquette to real-life situations.
  • In addition to handling difficult clients.
  • As well as dealing with complicated situations.
  • Planning pre wedding events as well as other parties.
  • Using Social sites to promote your business.
  • Researching employers in your area who hire wedding and event planners.
  • Evaluating vendor contracts.

Module Six:

  • Creating a plan for hiring as well as managing “day of” assistants.
  • Managing the details of a destination wedding.
  • Coordinating the logistical deals of a wedding.
  • Creating an “inspiration point” as well as color scheme for a wedding.
  • Coordinating wedding accessories with the wedding design scheme.
  • Combining different styles in interesting ways.
  • Working with the interior design of reception as well as ceremony locations.
  • Identifying a target audience for your business.


  • Certification will be issued after the completion of the course(Event Management and Wedding planner).
  • Weekday / Weekend classes available.
  • Internship provided(Event Management and Wedding planner)

Duration : 30 hours      price :35,000