10 Signature Birthday ideas for your dad at Kaalia Events!

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10 Signature Birthday ideas for your dad at Kaalia Events!

birthday ideas for your dad

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A father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. Appa, Abbu, Naana, Dadda, Dad, Papa…there is only one man who entitles to so many names- A Father. Each one of us has an equally different yet beautiful relationship with our father. Remember all those wonderful birthdays of yours as a kid; well wouldn’t those have been just another day if not for the lovely parties that have made memories in our hearts today? Do something different and exciting for your father’s next birthday. We also know fathers can be overwhelmed sometimes with just a well wrapped gift and a heartfelt wish from their forever little ones, nevertheless by doing something different and of course more than just a wish you will make mark in his heart for adding sprinkles on his already beautiful day. Here are a few birthday ideas:

Customized birthday cards
Customized cakes
Day full of tiny notes
Worded t-shirts
Take him down the memory lane: Photo/video
Get as many souls as possible to wish your dad
Get all his grandkids to do a little something
Age old memories : Letters/Jars/Video testimonials
And the two met!
An evening party
Can’t wait to try the above birthday ideas for your father’s approaching birthday right? If you feel you might need a helping hand, call us at  +91 9739511000 or write to us at info@kaaliaevents.com or tell us more about your event here


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