Product launches by kaailaevents

Product launches is essential components of the marketing mix of large companies. As equal to developing a product, marketing and promotion of that product is also important. Without Promotion customer wont get information about your product.

Development of a product is only part of the marketing process and we can help you take the vital next step in delivering your product direct to consumers by creating, designing and delivering a unique Product Launch event.

Our professional experienced staff will arrange all kind of  service which makes your event to be successful. May be its a small product or may be you are launching new car, we design and arrange event as per your theme.

“Have a product launches event management in an affordable package”.

We provide:

  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Event Manager and volunteers staff
  • Speakers and host
  • Promoters and Models
  • Entertainment
  • Sound and Visual Screens
  • Venue and stage decoration
  • Food and beverages
  • And many more services


Price starting from: